Our Partners

Businesses and Local Sports Clubs

We try and surround ourselves with like-minded organisations who can assist us and our clients should we need it.

We believe that if we work together we can get much better outcomes for our clients and the wider local business community.

We also do a little bit of sponsorship of some local, grass roots sporting organisations. 

Please feel free to click through on the links provided below and we would be happy to discuss any of the services or facilities should you be interested.


In the past, having a property expert visit your building to complete a survey would have cost you an arm and a leg and taken forever to arrange. But not any more. Most of our assessments are completed remotely, and when we do a survey on site we always do our homework before arriving.

Our professional rebuild cost assessments are easy to arrange online and this makes them faster and more affordable.

Velocity Scotland

We are delighted to work closely with Velocity Scotland Ltd who bring our clients solutions for their Fleet Risk Management and Legal Compliance.

Safe driving at work is a special policy under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 hence it is essential to be compliant to protect you and your business.


Flaxmans is a UK based firm of insurance advocates specialising in insurance dispute resolution and mediation covering all classes of personal, commercial and business insurance.

Flaxmans expertise includes insurance law and practice, insurance claims advocacy, claim negotiation, litigation support, and the mediation and settlement of distressed or rejected claims.

Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

To empower, connect, and advocate for businesses across Forth Valley.

Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce is a growing membership organisation with the aim of sharing business opportunities, knowledge, and expertise across the Forth Valley by providing range of products and services aimed at helping our members to grow and develop their businesses.

Scottish Building Federation

The Scottish Building Federation is a leading trade association representing the construction industry in Scotland, advocating for the interests of its members and promoting excellence in the sector.

Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club

Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club are a friendly cricket club based in Brightons who welcome all people whether looking to play, volunteer or watch, everyone is welcome at Bailliefields.

Laurieston Bowling Club

Within trotting distance of the Kelpies, Laurieston Bowling Club has been at the heart of both the sporting and social life of the village since its inauguration in 1913.

Our newly refurbished function suite and lounge can accommodate over 100 guests and are available to hire - free of charge. As is our new beer garden which increases our outdoor seating capacity by over 60.

Stirling Highland Games

Stirling Highland Games is Stirling’s leading annual outdoor cultural sporting event.

We have a dedicated volunteer committee and group that share a passion to provide visitors with an amazing authentic cultural experience whilst delivering a professional sporting competition.